2016 BMW 5-Series Facelift

As the 6th and one of the most awaited models from BMW, the 2016 BMW 5-Series is expected to suffer a variety of changes. Among these will be making it look fresher with brand-new bold styles and nice-looking edgy lines. The engine options will as well be changed making them more powerful and efficient. As for the interior styling and design, we also expect that the 2016 BMW 5-Series will have a range of changes.

2016 BMW 5 Series-side view

2016 BMW 5-Series Interior and Exterior

The engineers working on the 2016 BMW 5-Series have the plans to redesign it both on its interior and exterior. Based on the information provided by the insiders of this automaker, the new model will get a variety of high-tech equipment and additional features. The key high-end features to be expected on this model include a 3-dimensional stereoscopic camera, high-tech entertainment systems as well as improved display systems. The 2016 BMW 5-Series will be obtained from a blend of high-grade composite carbon fiber, aluminum and heated steel. This is to say that the weight of the model will reduce greatly hence leading to improved fuel efficiency rates. Its center console will as well be amended and redesigned to make driving easier and more comfortable. The leather and strongly-supported metallic seats will provide high level of comfort to both the driver and the passengers. As for the exterior, this model will receive new kidney invigorated grille, more durable bumpers, brand-new headlights as well as better air intakes.

2016 BMW 5 Series-rear view

2016 BMW 5-Series Power-train Options

Among the main areas where we have faith in is on the side of engine options and fuel efficiency. Looking at the range of engine options offered and the performance of these engines, we expect that the 2016 BMW 5-Series will be a model to reckon. The list of engines offered with this model include a 6-cylinder 3.0 liter inline motor capable of outputting 348 horses of power and 500 Nm torque, 4-cylinder 2.0 liter turbocharged motor capable of making 341 horses and 600 Nm and a least powerful engine of 1.5 liters making 150 horses of power. The 1.5 liter engine will be able to consume fuel at rate of 3.9 liters for every 100 kilometers which is 60 miles per gallon combined. As for the other engines, they are expected to offer a better fuel efficient rate and reduced rates of CO2 emission.

2016 BMW 5-Series Release and Price

We are not able as at the moment tell when this model will be released. Nevertheless, it is expected that its sales will likely start either next year or in 2016. As well, the exact price for this model is not clarified though it is rumored that it will be offered for 51,400 dollars.

2016 BMW 5 Series-interior

2016 BMW 5-Series Changes

Buyers should expect to get a variety of changes on 2016 BMW 5-Series. Most of the changes are made to make the sedan look more beautiful, improve its performance as well as make it more comfortable. The most noticeable changes include changing the position of the bumpers, redesigning the dashboard, making the seats more comfortable as well constructing the sedan from high-quality materials that will guarantee its durability. Also to be changed are the engines and transmission options.