2016 Ford Bronco Price

The SUV market has been growing richer day-in day-out with more auto companies joining the field and the existing automakers improving their production tactics. Additionally, auto companies like Bronco that had discontinued their SUV production are now back with lots of force and enthusiasm. They are now planning to release a new model that is the 2016 Ford Bronco. Estimated to arrive next year, the new Bronco 2016 will be equipped with all the requisite features and equipment that buyers need in a modern off-road SUV.

2016 Ford Bronco-front view

Interior and Exterior Of the 2016 Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco 2016 is expected to suffer various design and styling updates. First of all, the dashboard will be supplied with a bigger SAT-NAV/Infotainment touch-screen display system to guarantee improved performance. As for the cabin, it is designed large enough to house 5 users and still leave enough room for your legs and head. As for the cargo space, it will increased alloying users to comfortably keep their luggage. Externally, 2016 Ford Bronco is expected to obtain most of its features from Ford F-150. The grille will be increased which as a result will offer a wide posture. Unlike the hyped Ford F-150, this SUV will get a range of refined LED fog lamps and 4 headlights all of which will help provide healthier visibility under all conditions.

2016 Ford Bronco-rear view

Engine Options and Fuel Economy

Offered with this model will be three engine options. The base engine will be a 4.71 liter 6-cylinder power-stroke motor that yields 330 horses of power and associate torque of 645 pounds-feet. There will also be a 5.8 liter 8-cylinder supercharged power unit that makes maximum power of 662 horses and torque of 631 pounds-feet. The last engine option is a 5.0 liter 8-cylinder coyote power system that is able to make 420 horses of power. Power to the wheels will be transmitted via a 6-speed 6R 140 automated gearbox or a 6-speed ZT6 manual gearbox. To date, Ford has not yet clarified the exact EPA ratings for any of these engine options. However, we expect them to be more efficient and economical than its predecessor.

2016 Ford Bronco Release and Price Estimate

Ford is expected to release this model as soon as they are done with the construction work. This will be probably in the late 2015 or the early months of 2016. The price for this model is so far not clarified even though some rumors claim that it will be sold at 46,000 dollars. This may however change depending on what the manufacturer decides to charge the model for.

2016 Ford Bronco-interior

2016 Ford Bronco Changes

Based on the offered info about the 2016 Ford Bronco, there is not any doubt that it will suffer various changes. The model will now get more durable and aggressive chrome bumpers, more beautiful LED headlights and taillights as well as curved and remarkable aerodynamic design. Internally, ford is expected to make 2016 Ford Bronco larger and more comfortable. Its cabin is big enough to hold 5 users while the internal styling is enhanced to guarantee high level of comfort. We also expect this model to get a range of high-tech features including larger LCD display screen, refined audio unit, navigation system and MyFord infotainment system.