2016 Honda Accord Price

Almost everyone is looking forward to the release of the 2016 Honda Accord following its rumors that it will be a great sedan fully redesigned and changed. It is expected to come in both a sedan as well as a coupe. Talking of the external surrounding, we expect it to feature a number of adjustments including better color preferences, more superior external design as well as larger wheels and bumpers. Inside, Honda has played their cards wheel and it is now larger, stronger, more comfortable and experimental.

2016 Honda Accord-front view

2016 Honda Accord Interior and Exterior

This time round, Honda was more than concerned when designing the interior and exterior. The exterior is not only obtained from high-grade materials but also coupled with excellent finishes. Its entrance is designed more aggressive and magnificent when compared to its predecessor. The grille, headlights, taillights and wheels have also been redesigned them stronger and brighter. In the internal section, the 2016 Honda Accord has done a wonderful job this round. The seats are obtained from high-quality leather as well as coupled with cooling and heating option. The center console has been redesigned in such a way that it now looks more beautiful and energetic. In the instrumental side, Honda Accord has prepared their new model with everything a modern sedan needs. These include cruise control, 8-inch dashboard LCD touch screen display, rear-view camera, Bluetooth and USB connectivity as well as dual zone climate control.

2016 Honda Accord-rear view

2016 Honda Accord Engine Options

As it is with most of other sedans from Honda, the 2016 Honda Accord will feature a range of engine options. The base power unit will be a 24-valved 3.5 liter DOHC motor with the potency to generate 278 horses of power and maximum torque of 252 pounds-feet. There also comes 2 optional 16-valved 2.4 liter 4-cylinder DOHC motors with the ability to make 185 horses of power and estimated torque of 181 pounds-feet. Lastly, there will be a hybrid engine option that is designed capably to reduce the intake of gas and emission of C02. This version will be offered with an electric motor and gasoline engine as well as mated to a CVT transmission. We for now don’t have the exact details about the fuel economy rates of this model. However, it is rumored that they will be better and more consistent than those of the current generation.

2016 Honda Accord Release and Price Estimate

The engineers working on the 2016 Honda Accord are expected to complete the construction in the last 2015. That said, the earliest we can expect this model to reach the markets is in 2016. We don’t for now know the prices though it rumored they will cost between 24,000 dollars and 35,000 dollars.

2016 Honda Accord-interior

2016 Honda Accord Changes

There are many evident changes on the 2016 Honda Accord. The bumpers and headlights have for example been reshaped and beautified. The grille on the frontage has been redesigned something that makes it look extra aggressive and rationalized. As for the interior, there isn’t much that has changed. Moreover, when comparing it with its predecessor, it has hot better cosmetic looks. The dashboard has as well been enhanced and enlarged making driving easier and more comfortable.