2016 Honda Pilot Price

Honda is one of those automakers that will never deny their customers what they deserve anytime they need it. Dating from the first time they stepped in the auto making industry, Honda has always made sure that each of their products meets the market standards as well as customer desires. This is to say that as we await the arrival of the 2016 Honda Pilot, our desires are that it will be a SUV to consider. It is rumored that this Honda model will be a bit bulkier and larger than the last model. The slightly ghastly looking boxy shape will be replaced by a more aggressive body design while the circular interior units of the current model will be replaced by better-looking rectangular vents.

2016 Honda Pilot-front view

2016 Honda Pilot Interior

Despite the many obstacles, our spy photographers have been able to give us a clue of what we should expect inside and outside the 2016 Honda Pilot. The interior will be greatly changed in order to suit customer desires as well as the current market standards. There are rumors that the nasty-looking circular units will be abandoned and in its place installed better-looking rectangular vents. The LCD screen will be all new, the wheelbase increased while the control panel façade will be enhanced. The rear and front bumpers will be enlarged which in turn will make the overall look of the car more outstanding. As for the lights, they will be curved and smaller than those available on the recent generation.

2016 Honda Pilot Engine Options

As much as we can say about the engine options for the 2016 Honda Pilot, there is only one option available for this model. This is no other than the 3.5 liter V6 which can capably generate 290 horses of power and not less than 267 pounds-feet of torque. It will be available in both 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive variants. Power to the wheels will be transmitted by a 6-speed automated gearbox. The fuel consumption rate for this model is expected to decrease by not less than 10% when in comparison with the current model. The fuel economy is also expected to improve though not known by how much.

2016 Honda Pilot-rear view

Honda Pilot Release Date

If you have the plans to buy the 2016 Honda Pilot SUV, you should be prepared with at least 31,000 dollars for the base model and 43,000 dollars for the high-end model. This is when it hits the market in the late 2015 or in the start of 2016.

2016 Honda Pilot Expected Changes

In overall, 2016 Honda Pilot is all-new with almost each of its design and specs derived from Acura MDX. Its wheelbase will be increased leading to a larger interior space and better accessibility to the back seats. The frontage will be redesigned in such that it will obtain a new grille, better-looking daylights and headlights as well as refined chrome grille. The construction will be done using lightweight materials which as a result will lead to reduced car weight and improved fuel efficiency levels. The control panel will as well be redesigned while the preferred LCD screen will be all new.

2016 Honda Pilot-interior