2016 Lincoln Town Car Rumors

2016 Lincoln Town Car is a premium car that will redesign come on the market. The previous version of this model was very well received on the American market. The design will be modern, and will suffer the changes on the front and rear of the vehicle. Customers can expect the new headlights, bumpers and other details which will vary in relation to the previous model. The interior will improve the level of comfort thanks to new materials and technologies. The center console will experience a revision of switches and devices on it. The drive system is still a mystery and all data are in the domain of predictions based on the previous model. The need for this segment of vehicles is very good but the manufacturer expects sales growth.

2016 Lincoln Town Car-front view

2016 Lincoln Town Car – Specification

2016 Lincoln Town Car is still no precisely defined specification. The manufacturer under strict veil of secrecy holds information on future engine. So, these findings are completely unknown to us. There is speculation that he might find an engine with the previous model, but improved. It is also in option and completely new engine with improved fuel economy and more efficient engine operation. The engine will be mated to an automatic transmission which transfers a torque on the wheels. New technologies that support the engine will extend the life. Detailed information of the specification will be published later.

2016 Lincoln Town Car-rear view

2016 Lincoln Town Car

2016 Lincoln Town Car brings elegant sophisticated cabin. The cockpit is much easier thanks to a minimalist concept. A list of updated items include the instrument panel, touch screen and other features that will help you during the ride. The seats are made of premium materials and provide sufficient space for its passengers. Safety package will have all the standard features with the Lincoln models. Competition in this segment is not large, but buyers are traditionally minded and very demanding. Sales will begin in 2015 year and the price will be around about $ 30,000.

2016 Lincoln Town Car-interior