2017 BMW M5 The next generation

BMW M5 would be the next generation vehicle from BMW’s 5 series. It is line of luxury Sedan which has been in market since 2010. When it comes to luxury vehicles BMW is undoubtedly one of the names whose name would come first. The M5 is one of BMW’s most technically advanced vehicles. The 2017 BMW M5 would be on a completely different level.

There have been many changes planned for 2017 BMW M5 which are necessary as the company is looking to widen its global market. The vehicle is already popular in North America as well as Europe. There would be an increase in the performance section along with superior safety mechanism and fuel economy.

2017 BMW M5-front view

Exterior Design

One thing is for sure, that 2017 BMW M5 will give every other luxury car a run for their money if it comes to exterior looks. It is sleek, chic, classy and glamorous. It looks both sophisticated as well as aggressive with its elongated structure. One thing is sure that it would be much lighter than its predecessors with the use of light weight aluminium and carbon fibre in strategic points.

The grille would get an additional touch. There would also be several other changes made to the designing section including the headlight and the bumpers. There would be strong fog lights fitted in the front. There would be four exhaust pipes fitted at the rear end. The streamline would be modified to suit better aerodynamics.

2017 BMW M5-rear view

2017 BMW M5 – Interior

Since the vehicle being talked about in this article is a BMW product, you just shouldn’t worry about the luxury and comfort quotient. Equipped with power windows, leather seats with internal heating high tech infotainment system, this car would full fill all your requirements. There would be several other features such as traffic and whether update system, navigation control, keyless entry, cruise control, etc.

Engine and Performance

On the department performance 2017 BMW M5 is a superior vehicle in respect to other Sedans present in the markets. It would come with two major engine options; firstly there would be a 3.0 L twin-turbo V6 gasoline engine. It would be able to generate power up to 326 HP. There might also be a V8 engine which would be able to generate nearly 410 HP. It would be equipped with both dual-clutch 6-speed manual transmission and also a 7-speed automatic transmission.

2017 BMW M5-interior