2017 Dodge Dart SRT is car who promissing

2017 Dodge Dart SRT is a powerful sports sedan car. This new SRT model will bring in a more futuristic or modern day look, excellent quality materials, advanced and latest technology and gadgets and an amazing power train. Newly improved suspension along with innovative wheel drive under its belt will make this car more promising than ever.

Since 2017 Dodge Dart SRT promises so many brand new things, automobile enthusiasts are expecting lot from it. In this article, you will get to know every single detail about this car.

2017 Dodge Dart SRT-front view

Exterior Design

It is quite true that most of the information and detail about exterior appearance of 2017 Dodge Dart SRT has been kept a secret but still through some trusted sources details have been managed. It is said to keep basic lines of current model and incorporate certain details from Caliber SRT. A sharper shape design will be implemented in order to make its body more aerodynamic. Dart SRT being a sports sedan vehicle has been installed with some characteristic features like center of gravity has been lowered, big air intakes, dominant and fierce headlights, etc which gives a powerful and aggressive over all feel.

Interior Design

A sporty sedan is to have a sporty and state of the art interior or cabin space. Sporty seats made with excellent quality material along with supportive bolsters. Along with these stuffs lot of high tech features and gadgets are present some of which are like- navigation system, central console screen, audio system, climate control system, parking assistance system, rear view cameras, air bags, auto braking system, Bluetooth and USB port connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspot, etc.

2017 Dodge Dart SRT-rear view

Engine System

Under the hood of 2017 Dodge Dart SRT, you may find a 2.4 litre turbo charged inline 4 cylinder engine system similar to current Dart SRT model. This engine system is capable of producing about 285 Hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. But a more powerful and advanced engine system is expected which will be capable of generating atleast 300 Hp and 300 lb-ft of toque. All wheel drive type is to be provides. Its engine system will be mated with auto and manual transmission system.


Though not much has been said about price of 2017 Dodge Dart SRT but it is expected to have a base price less than $30,000. Hence it is expected to be somewhat cheap.

2017 Dodge Dart SRT-interior

Release Date

December of 2016 is said to be the estimated launching date of 2017 Dodge Dart SRT if everything goes according to plan.