2017 Ford Mustang Coming to take everything

The first model of Ford Mustang was released in 1964 and it was said to have taken automobile industry by storm at that time. From that year, this car has gained huge reputation. Automobile enthusiasts have always considered this model to be always ahead of time. This American classic is very popular all over the world and hence a lot is expected from this upcoming 2017 Ford Mustang. Ford again has high hopes from this model and believes it can again set streets on fire. It’s going to be the seventh generation. 2017 Ford Mustang will surely make the stakes high with its launch and performance. In this article, you will get to know many things about this vehicle.

2017 Ford Mustang-front view

Exterior Design

Some basic characteristic design of 2017 Ford Mustang like the long hood with short trunk is said to be kept intact like in all previous models. Aggressiveness of this vehicle has been doubled. Such is its appearance that gives you idea of a machine or beast ready to blast off. Such has been made possible through awesome front grille having deeper blank sections, powerful looking bulging hood with air vents, frontal air dam, etc. Those outgoing sides have complimented appearance. Distinct and noticeable side rocker panels and lower end of rear side are present. Headlights and tail lights also facilitate in making Mustang look aggressive and even futuristic.

2017 Ford Mustang-rear view

Interior Design

One thing is sure that interior or cabin space of 2017 Ford Mustang will surely undergo many changes and upgradations compared to earlier models. Excellent quality seats are being provided to ensure maximum comfort under any condition. Not much enough has arrived about interior designing.

Some technological advancement has also been made in 2017 Ford Mustang. Here is a list of things you may find inside- excellent infotainment system, central controlling screen, satellite radio, navigation system, parking assistance system, rear view camera, dual zone climate control, Bluetooth and USB port connectivity, Wi-Fi and many more.

Engine System

Excellent set of engine options have been presented for customers to choose from. Here is some options- a 5.8 litre Shelby GT500’s supercharged Trinity V8, a 5.2 litre Coyote V8 or a 5 litre supercharged Coyote V8.

2017 Ford Mustang-interior


Not much of performance is to be expected from a sports car like 2017 Ford Mustang. It is to be mated with a 6 speed auto-transmission system and will be available in all wheel and front wheel drive.