2017 Honda Civic Exterior outlook

The Honda Civic can be defined as a compact sedan. It is a line of compact vehicles manufactured by Japanese manufacturers Honda. Initially it is created as a sub-compact car but with the changing market requirements it was made into a compact vehicle. Currently it is very popular in major parts of Asia as well as North America. Production of Civic started way back in 1973 and it was upgraded to a compact vehicle in 2001. It can be classified as an economic class vehicle but in no way does it suffer on the luxury quotient. The entire market is now waiting eagerly for the 2017 Honda Civic.

Certain modifications being made to the 2017 Honda Civic are absolutely necessary in order to compete in this every expanding market. Both the engineering section and the designing section would undergo a huge improvement.

2017 Honda Civic-front view


Honda has always been careful regarding their car designs. Even though not many details are yet out regarding the exterior look of the 2017 Honda Civic you can be sure that you wouldn’t find any chance to complain. Dimensions would remain overall same but the rear section would be a bit smaller and slating. It would be certainly be sleeker than the previous version and it would support better aerodynamics. Body weight reduction would also be a target for the company in order to improve on road performance.

2017 Honda Civic-rear view


On the interior 2017 Honda Civic would be equipped with a lot of high-tech gadgets. It would come with leather seats with internal heating. The central panel would contain a touch sensitive screen to control other features of the vehicle.

Along with these essential things 2017 Honda Civic would also contain top class Navigation system, infotainment system, and Bluetooth connectivity. There would be multi zone climate control in-built. More information regarding the interior details of this vehicle would be available very soon.

2017 Honda Civic-interior

Engine and Performance

The 2017 Honda Civic would come with a hybrid engine. There would certainly be a 2.0 L 4 cylinder direct injected turbocharged engine. It would be certainly be combined with a 2-motor electric system. The combined engine would be able to generate up to 280 HP of power. The engine would also be coupled with a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) system. There has been no specific stats on the fuel efficiency as of yet. There has also been no release on the final price also as of yet.