2017 Honda S2000 New look

The Honda S200 is classified to be a roadster. Japanese manufacturers Honda are looking to re-launch their popular vehicle S2000 in the market again. Production of the vehicle started in the year 1999. It went through two generations of production. After 2009 this model was discontinued due to decrease in its popularity and market. Since 2016 Honda are planning to put it again in the market. 2017 Honda S2000 will undergo several modifications to the earlier versions in order to cope up with changing demands of the market. Since 2017 Honda S2000 would be listed under a sports vehicle from Honda you can be sure about the level of performance it would provide. Design would also be much more modern and futuristic than any model from previous edition. Well you can be sure that there are a lot surprises waiting for you if you are going to buy this vehicle.

2017 Honda S2000-front view


2017 Honda S2000 would be built of a new modular platform from Honda. Outlook of the vehicle would be inspired from NSX and S660 models. By looking at the pictures you would be able to see vague similarities from the latest NSX design. There would certainly be a degree of weight reduction with aluminium and carbon fibres are being used as two primary materials. It would have a more aggressive look and body lines to support better aerodynamics. The headlights would be very sleek and sharp. The grille would also be redesigned.

2017 Honda S2000-rear view


Interior design of 2017 Honda S2000 has been kept a bit simple and clean instead of being a bit flashy like many other models from Honda in the market. The cabin space would be large enough for two passengers with enough leg space. The 2017 Honda S2000 will also contain a state of the art navigation system. The infotainment system would be equipped with excellent surround speakers. Other than that there would also be central console touch screen, parking assistance, breaking system, dual climate control system, rear view camera, etc.

2017 Honda S2000-interior

Engine and performance

Under the hood 2017 Honda S2000 is a pretty decent sports car. With a 2.0 L 4-cylinder engine this vehicle would be able to generate power of up to 365 HP. There would also be a hybrid engine combined with an electric motor. The starting price of this vehicle is supposed to be more than $70,000. More details regarding this vehicle would be released within some time.