2017 Lincoln Navigator is a classy SUV car

2017 Lincoln Navigator is a full sized luxury SUV vehicle. The company promises a completely new version through this latest model compared to earlier navigator models. A new generation of this model is being represented. Lincoln car lovers all around the world are expecting it to be the best SUV in whole market. Though not many precise details are known about 2017 Lincoln Navigator but in this article you will still get to know many things about this car.

2017 Lincoln Navigator-front view

Exterior Design

The exterior look of 2017 Lincoln Navigator will undergo changes and modifications leading to its betterment. Much info about this vehicle’s look will be based on assumptions and expectations. It is expected to have been inspired by MKX conception but characteristic and distinct style will always remain preserved. Though it is a SUV automobile which is known for muscular nature yet Lincoln manages to make it stylish. Its body is being made using Aluminium and carbon fiber in order to reduce weight to a huge extent. A light weight vehicle especially a SUV provides lot of added advantages. A whole colour set will be given from which you can choose its attractive body colour.

Interior Design

A specially designed interior or cabin space is expected inside 2017 Lincoln Navigator. Being a large vehicle, it is quite spacious with added enough cargo space. Excellent quality shiny leather seats will make it look quite classy inside. Some of the latest technologies and gadgets you can find inside 2017 Lincoln Navigator are – excellent infotainment system, music or audio system, navigation system, satellite radio, central console touch screen, parking assistance, breaking system, dual climate control system, rear view camera and many more.

2017 Lincoln Navigator-interior

Engine System

Engine system which is installed in current model will also find its place in 2017 Lincoln Navigator. This engine system includes a 3.5 litre twin turbo V6 which is capable of producing 370 HP and 430 lb-ft of torque. A hybrid engine system can also be seen in near future which will comprise of 3.5 litre twin turbo Eco Boost internal combustion engine which is to be mated with one motor on frontal shaft.

Fuel economy and Performance

Upgraded and improved transmission system combined with hybrid engine system facilitate in enhancing performance and fuel economy of 2017 Lincoln Navigator. An all wheel drive type is provided. Such special specs and feature make it something really good. Not much details regarding this as has been released as of yet.

2017 Lincoln Navigator-rear view