2017 Porsche Pajun New Concept

2017 Porsche Pajun will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the autumn of 2015 year. The German manufacturer is preparing a new concept of vehicle with electric drive. The model was based on a conventional V6 petrol and diesel engines, while just four years ago introduced and hybrid drive. However, the introduction of electric drive in such a short time is a big surprise. New Pajun had already been announced, but is entered into a cycle of delays that brings major changes to the drive specification. The body is built on a modified MSB platform, while the shape of the body must be unique. Platform is somewhat shorter than the Panamera, but large number of stylistic elements will share with her. Exterior design is aggressive with sporty accents. They have strongly aerodynamic elements that give better performance. The new generation of lights, coupe roof construction, aluminum wheels, bumpers and other elements are totally exhilarating. The compact sedan will be sought on the market of America, China and Asia.

2017 Porsche Pajun-front view

2017 Porsche Pajun – Electric Section

2017 Porsche Pajun was mounted electric propulsion section at the rear of the car. Thanks to eMSB structure that is make ideal configuration where a pair of electric motors successfully drives the rear wheels. It’s amazing the effect that the lithium-ion battery does not affect the capacity of the luggage compartment. According to projections, the autonomy in electric mode provides 250 miles, which is still weaker result of Tesla’s 265 miles. Luxury design and high quality materials, and the latest generation of batteries present a strong competition in the segment. The drive is also performed using hydrogen fuel cells that generate the extra energy that is transmitted to the front wheels. CVT transmission and four wheels with advanced suspension will not leave you indifferent.

2017 Porsche Pajun-engine hydrogen

2017 Porsche Pajun – Interior

2017 Porsche Pajun still not officially presented its interior. Passengers will be accommodated in two rows of comfortable seats covered of skin. Luggage space is further increased and integrated into the whole concept. The center console has a new instrument panel with display of battery status. The list of equipment includes telescopic steering wheel, automatic climate control, navigation, audio system and more. Safety is at a high level thanks to the active and passive protection systems. Customers also have access to several trim levels and the price can reach $ 110,000.

2017 Porsche Pajun-side view