2017 Tesla Model III Coming soon

2017 Tesla Model III during 2017 year will be available at dealerships according the words head of the company Elon Musk. The new mid-size sedan will be built on a new platform that will be lighter and smaller than the Model S. Platform is made a British engineer who was involved in the construction and Aston Martin. The exterior is very modern and stylish, the changes on it include: new grille, new hood, side panels, air advice, front and rear headlights, new glass surfaces and chrome details. The interior will be appealing to customers because of the comfort and beautiful design. Many features will stand available to passengers in order to facilitate the ride. Operating performance is raised to a higher level thanks to the development projects of the company that is trying to reach as many quality at an affordable price.

2017 Tesla Model III-front view

2017 Tesla Model III – Under the hood

2017 Tesla Model III under the hood hides the electric motor that will is charging via a lithium-ion battery. Single battery charge can be realized the road of vehicles from the incredible 200 miles. Performance are very similar to the Model S and is expected top speed of 125 mph. Pure electric mode reduces environmental pollution on zero, so will these cars represent the future. Tesla Motors has made its first fast charging station for electric cars in Canada, which will be available for travelling to Vancouver. Detailed power specifications will be announced later.

2017 Tesla Model III-side view

2017 Tesla Model III – Comfortable

2017 Tesla Model III will offer new technology inside the cabin. Comfortable seats and the new device will provide more comfortable. The car will have five doors, two rows of seats and adequate luggage space. The center console will get a new instrument panel, large touchscreen, systems for safety and driver assistance and more. The biggest competitors of this model will be the BMV 3 or 4 series. Depending on the trim will depend on the final price, and it will move within the limits of $ 30,000 – $ 50,000.

2017 Tesla Model III-interior